Divisions of Service

The International Mission Service Division

This Division coordinates, provides current information on, and establishes the process for you to participate in any mission trip that HOPE NEVER ENDS (HNE) International offers, both domestic and international. HNE International can customize the mission experience for you and your group, but we also offer already organized mission trips where you are welcome to participate.


One of the main challenges from Covid-19 was the temporary taking away of that special feeling when you touch, embrace and carry much-needed hope for others, regardless of the distance or country of the world. 

HOPE NEVER ENDS International, through the International Mission Service Division, provides the WHERE – the HOW – and the WHEN you can participate in such an amazing experience.

  • Cleaning 20 miles of coastline (beaches) on the island of enchantment: Puerto Rico.
  • For those passionate about bringing HOPE through medical assistance, there is a mission experience already organized going to the islands of Roatan and Utila,the Honduras Bay Islands. 
  • Planting HOPE for the future through the planting of ONE THOUSAND trees in the beautiful country of Costa Rica. 
  • Cuba is the destination for those who would love to bring HOPE through the sharing of the Word of God and other spiritual initiatives.
  • Building HOPE through technology – an opportunity to share a little (or even too much)of your computer or social media knowledge with the loving people in the state of Alaska.
  • Bringing HOPE back through the rebuilding of a place to live. A mission experience for those with building expertise, construction contractors, handymen, plumbers,and electricians, or others who would love to assist in home repairs, painting,and who are volunteers at heart.

Wecan also customize a mission experience depending on the specific needs or goals of your group. We can also customize the time frame and some of the specifics for your group. According to the nature of what your group’s goalsare. 

…But you can also participate in one of the mission experiences HNE International has already organized.