Divisions of Service

The Humanitarian Relief Division

Provide Humanitarian Assistance to people around the world regardless of their political circumstances, their beliefs, or conditions.Instead of placing our attention on the possible obstacles, HOPE NEVER ENDS(HNE) International concentrates our energy on practical and positive ways to bring REAL HOPE, with no space for “red tape”.


Through this Division you or your church, congregation, school, club or work-related organization could raise funds in support of, channel the collection, shipping and on site delivery of goods needed for any type of last minute emergency.

The Humanitarian Division of HNE International also coordinates the collection and distribution of funds needed towards those Humanitarian Initiatives in which we are actively involved.

Examples of some of those ongoing Humanitarian Initiatives
  • Financial assistance to save girls from being sold to Human Trafficking and who face either a life of forced prostitution or being killed in order to sell their organs.
  • To provide food to people,who in North Korea are forced to sell their own excrement to be used as fertilizer in exchange for a token which they can use to obtain food.
  • Supply class materials in remote areas where kids come to school without shoes, pencils, paper, block sand other essentials for a more productive education.
  • Funds that will promote some self-enterprises like the establishment of a bicycle repair center and other work-related initiatives.
  • Provide Musical Instruments to young people, who, in communist countries, have very few options in their education.

HOPE NEVER ENDS International has the capacity and the network required to respond at a moment’s notice to some of these last-minute emergencies in a timely manner. We network with other organizations on the ground to expedite the needed response.

“Don’t hold back from doing good when it is in your power to do so.” Proverbs 3:27