Who we are and what we do

Hope Never Ends (HNE) International is a Non-Denominational Christian Ministry that shares JESUS's LOVE in countries where Religious Freedom is Highly Restricted with an emphasis on the communist countries of the world!

Established in 2016, HNE International Ministries provides a REAL Life-changing experience through your financial support by improving the way of life and by providing mission trips where you become a blessing to others as well as to yourself. Itis our ultimate goal to share God’s love with people we encounter, regardless of religion, race, color, age, gender or disability.

From airlifting most needed balloons of hope with pieces of plastic bibles and food into the most restricted country of the world: North Korea to active participation in cleaning 25 miles of coastline on the island of Puerto Rico; from saving young girls from being sold into Human Trafficking by donating $ 45 US dollars in Asia, to being part of a medical mission experience for one week in the island of Roatan, Honduras.

From helping to establish a Home Church congregation in Cuba,to supporting a mission trip to Alaska for people with computer expertise, HOPE NEVER ENDS Internationalis one of the best non-profit organizations that could bring HOPE where HOPE is needed the most.

There is so much value in sponsoring a Native Lay Missionary in a forbidding corner of the world where so often they spend long periods of time in prison. HNE International also provides for some local people’s needs where you can’t even imagine how far away HOPE is for them.

So welcome to a completely different but personal experience: either by attending our inspirational presentations about missions in the challenging communist countries of the world, or by being part of a mission trip to a place where you can make a positive difference, or by placing God's financial resources where they are really needed, HOPE NEVER ENDS (HNE) International Ministries is a different ministry for people that would like to make a difference in life, but in a non-traditional way.

There is not a zoom meeting or virtual video conference that could replace the out of this world experience of bringing hope through a personal encounter with other people. Please come out of your comfort zone and let us partner with you in the mutual desire to bring real HOPE. Passionate about missions,

Eliseo Lozano, MBA
Hope Never Ends International
Loma Linda, CA