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Non- Profit organization and a Non-Denominational Christian Ministry that brings much needed Hope, with International headquarters in Loma Linda, CA.


HOPE NEVER ENDS (HNE) International Ministries is a non-profit organization and a Non-Denominational Christian Ministry that brings much needed HOPE where HOPE is nowhere to be found, with a special emphasis on serving in the most challenging communist countries of the world.

Divisions of Service

HOPE NEVER ENDS (HNE) International serves the world through three major divisions: The Humanitarian Relief Division – The Spiritual Outreach Division & The International Mission Service Division.

Humanitarian Relief

Provide Humanitarian Assistance to people around the world regardless of their political circumstances, their beliefs, or conditions. Instead of placing our attention on the possible obstacles, HOPE NEVER ENDS (HNE) International concentrates our energy on practical and positive ways to bring REAL HOPE, with no space for “red tape”.

The Spiritual Outreach

This Division coordinates, facilitates and channels the sponsorship of Spiritual Outreach Initiatives in those areas we target for service, and also provides structure and step by step instructions of HOW TO DO IT and be cost effective. For example: By providing bibles where such a blessing is prohibited or not available.

The International Mission Service

This Division coordinates, provides current information on, and establishes the process for you to participate in any mission trip that HOPE NEVER ENDS (HNE) International offers, both domestic and international. HNE International can customize the mission experience for you and your group, but we also offer already organized mission trips where you are welcome to participate.

Current Mission Trips

Division of International Mission Service

We provide a menu of opportunities for you to participate in a mission trip for you, or your group, or church, or school, or organization, either domestic or international. HNE knows the HOW and WHERE, and you have the energy that is needed through your personal and on-site participation!

8 day trip

Bringing real hope through Medical Outreach

A Medical Mission trip for Healthcare Professionals To the beautiful islands of Roatan & Utila / The Honduras Bay Islands

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puerto rico
7 day trip

A mission experience for youth and the young at heart

To clean 20 miles of coastline ( Beaches) on the Island of Enchantment - Puerto Rico, US Territory

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7 day trip

A Different type of Spiritual Mission Experience Into the last communist country of the western hemisphere: Cuba

A week of spiritual outreach on the Island of Cuba

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